Friday, January 4, 2019

John "Never Socialist" Ventre for Governor

80 years ago we had the Greatest Generation.
 What do we have now?

Watch the best campaign video since Trump's 2016 NWO speech:  

 Here is our “Make Pennsylvania Great Again” plan:

  • Our Plan to Govern


    -         Reduce our Gen Assembly from 253 to 67 Reps (1 per county) plus 17 Senators (1 per congressional district). Enact term limits.

    -         Make election-day a state holiday.

    -         Inactive voter rolls must be cleaned.

    -         Repeal Act 77 and return to voter ID.


    -         Reduce business tax to 5%.

    -         Eliminate yearly registration fees and the employees who process them.

    -         PA Powers the World- LNG port in Philly to export gas. 

    -         Reduce tolls and fuel tax by 30%.

    -         Go back to our 2020 budget of $40B. 


    -    Race and gender will be removed from all applications. "From Many, One".

    -    Social Media designated as Common Carriers. 

    -    Cancel culture of individuals can be prosecuted as harassment.

    -    Attacking a law enforcement officer will be a hate crime. Pass Kyle's law for self defense.

    -    Sports competition will be based on birth certificate gender.

    -    Welfare is limited to 6 years per child and a maximum of 10 total years for parent. 


    -     ESA School Choice can be used at any school.         

    -    All public schools will recite the pledge of allegiance daily.

    -     Patriotic 1776 education will be taught along with Creation Apologetics.

    -     Report teachers that violate policies

  • -     Freeze seniors property taxes.

  •       The 2nd Sat of July will be a 2A/Militia celebration.

  •                 Our Children Do Not Belong to the State!

  • Help me Make PA Great Again. Patriots and church goers vote Republican. Progressives and National Socialists vote Democrat. 
  • Pa is 46th in population growth, 42nd in business growth, 38th in fiscal health and 15th in taxes. Help me make Pa the Texas of the Northeast.

  • Protect your freedom by Voting 4 Ventre. 
  • Conservative values are the only values for our children. 
  • Give Sheriff's limited police powers.
 Pro-GOD    Pro-GUN     Pro-LIFE    


I'm 1 of the few republicans recruiting diversity to our party (the Google browser has blocked 2 pgs of my website): 

My lecture on socialism/CRT:

My NTD News interview:

My interview with Coal Region:

KDKA Radio:

"Ventre is the closest thing PA has to Trump"


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