Friday, January 4, 2019

John "Never Socialist" Ventre for Governor
75 years ago we had the Greatest Generation,
 what do we have now?

Here is our concise “Make Pennsylvania Great Again” plan:
  • Gov Wolf's scorched earth one size fits all way of governing is over.
  • Conservatives are targeted.

    -Our borders are open.

    -A false hateful history is being taught. Marxists are at the door and our courts are afraid to act.

    -That’s not my vision or our Founders vision of America.  God loaned us this country.

  • Our Plan to Govern


    -         No Gerrymandering: Reduce our Legislators from 253 to 67 Reps (1 per county) plus 11 Senators. Enact term limits.

    -         Make election-day a state holiday.

    -         Increase pay for Election Day workers.

    -         Inactive voter rolls must be cleaned twice a year.

    -         Repeal Act 77 and return to voter ID.

    -         Ballot harvesting will be illegal. No ballot can be submitted by another person unless a spouse.


    -         Reduce business tax from 9.9% to 7% in the SE Pa. Remaining businesses pay 5%.

    -         Eliminate yearly registration fees and the employees who process them.

    -         Increase sales tax to 6.5%. Any excess will reduce property taxes.

    -         Reduce tolls and fuel tax by 30%.

    -         Most departments reduce budget by 5%. 


    -         Progressive ideas legal in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh only like abortion prior to heart beat detection and eventually eliminated. We will reduce Pa abortions from over 31k/yr to fewer than 10k reducing the need for immigration.

    -         The state can enact no law affecting religious gatherings or institutions.

    -         Race and gender will be removed from all applications. "From Many, One".

    -         No employee or member of a non-profit can be terminated for social media posts not pertaining to their employer. Social Media will be classified as a "Common Carrier" and not allowed to sensor. 

    -         Cancel culture of individuals will be prosecuted as harassment.

    -         Attacking a law enforcement officer will be a hate crime.

    -         Sports competition will be based on birth certificate gender.

    -         Welfare is limited to 6 years per child and a maximum of 10 total years.


    -         School tax vouchers can be used at any school.         

    -         All public schools will display “In God We Trust” and recite the pledge of allegiance daily.

    -         Patriotic 1776 education will be taught along with Creation Apologetics.

    -         Teachers that violate policies will wear an audio recorder.

  •     Healthcare: Liberalism will be covered as a mental health issue.

  • Help me Make Pa Great Again. Patriots and church goers vote Republican. Liberals and National Socialists vote Democrat. 
  • Like a buffet, there are many Governor candidates and each think very differently. 
  • Don’t be a RINO; protect your freedom by Voting 4 Ventre. 
  • Conservative values are the only values for our children. 
 Pro-GOD    Pro-GUN     Pro-LIFE    



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"Ventre is the closest thing Pa has to Trump"

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